The Situation

The mess we find ourselves in, today, and how we got here.

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
‐Albert Einstein

PeaceSec is taking on a very difficult challenge… we intend to convince you that the key to solving almost all our modern problems, throughout the world, is to simply abolish money, change the dynamics of the world to fit the human race, and educate people. Those probably sound like impossible things to do – especially, to be rid of money.  It might sound naive, crazy or unthinkable… perhaps even hare-brained.  The fact is, though, it might be the most sensible thing we can do, right now, as a species.  Our intent is to prove exactly that – in plain talk, with real facts and solid logic.

As you will see, all of our ideas are based in scientific fact and the realities of our true nature, as humans.  Ironically, it will be far more difficult to convince people these ideas are sound, than it will be to implement the PeaceSec Proposal, itself.  That’s simply because much of the technology underpinning this proposition is very new.  Therefore, these ideas are also very, very new.  In fact, we could never execute this plan without the internet, AI, 3D printing, LED lighting and quite a few other new tricks in our technological bag.  Lately, though, it seems like we all say we want change.  But, when we have a chance to actually change something, we discover we are more afraid of change than we are desirous of it.

It seems it’s quite normal for our understanding to lag behind our technology, though.  So, it should surprise no one that any plan which relies on our latest technology, and also solves almost all our problems, will be radically different than anything dreamed up in the back of a horse and buggy over 200 years ago.  That’s just simple logic.  Just as it’s logical to forgive the Founding Fathers for not designing a system to serve the needs of the modern world.  How could they have? It was the 1700s!  They were men, not miracle‐workers.  They meant well, of course, and we know what they intended for this country to be, more or less.  But, can we ever really imagine what Ben Franklin might have done with the internet?

Well, we must.  That’s our challenge.

This first section of the PeaceSec Proposal explores our current state of affairs – The Situation.  We will also discuss our common history which led us to this condition.  Because, it’s impossible to understand our present circumstances, without knowing something of their history.  Ultimately, this leaves us with a great deal of ground to cover.  This should come as no surprise, either.  Since, almost every aspect of our society and our environment is in turmoil, if not outright crisis.  So, all aspects of the human condition must be explored.  This takes time.

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